Faster than the average fibre speeds in UK

Up to 50MB/s speed

Net1 Ultra is our latest & greatest internet service yet. We can provide REAL fibre speeds of up to 50MB/s across Fermanagh and Tyrone now. This is the real deal. Full TDD Wireless. Not the Wifi solution offered by our competitors which slows down when all their customers are online together. We have carefully chosen the best wireless product on the market today, a product that we have been using elsewhere since late 2016 with superb results. We are absolutely confident that speeds from Net1 Ultra EXCEED the speeds available from Green cabinet fibre!


Humongous Download Limits

Perfect for gamers and streamers

Our 40GB daily FULL SPEED allowance with unlimited downloads between midnight and 6am. Great for all the gamers, whether that is casual or MLG level. Brilliant for the online streamers of Netflix and YouTube.

Our Coverage

What we can do for you?

Our best wireless package

  • Up to 50MB/s Speed
  • 40GB Daily usage at fibre speed. Above 40GB at DSL speed (unlimited data use from midnight to 06:00)
  • PAYG VOIP Phoneline  – via free App or with router from store
  • Supports Net1 TV (Box activation of £65 required)

Now just £33 per month

What do you need?

Check your coverage below

All you need to get Ultra is a premises with clear line of sight to our Ultra bases. We’ll do the rest. No need for landlines or existing wires.

Please Note: Ultra is now live from a large number of our bases. If you are not within the Green ‘circles’ on our coverage map above, Ultra may not yet be available at your location at this time, however we are constantly developing the Network to reach into new areas and these maps are subject to change or we may have an alternative package available such as Super20.
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