Please note: All wireless packages are subject to availability and our fair usage policy. Please ring 028 6638 1026 to check availability.

Net1 Fast Wireless Packages

  • Super 20
    • Best speed your signal allows (typically 15 - 30 Mbps)
    • 30 Gigabytes daily usage
    • Free PAYG VOIP Landline


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Wireless Broadband FAQs

What is Net1's Wireless Broadband?

Net1’s Wireless Broadband is our service which provides a fixed wireless service for people who cannot avail of broadband through a phone line.

How does it work?

Net1’s Wireless Broadband works with a small radio antenna mounted on your building. This radio antenna will connect to the nearest base station, which transmits and receives the data using a radio signal.

All we need to connect you is to make sure you have clear line of sight to the base station. This is due to signals travelling in straight lines. Objects such as buildings and trees can affect the quality of the service.

Who can get the service?

Our wireless broadband service is available to anyone within our coverage areas. However, this is subject to availability.

Please ring 028 6638 1026 to check availability.

What happens after I order the service?

Our Net1 Customer Support team will be in contact, to sort out the fine details such as appointments for installation. There is a once off installation fee for this service.

What happens on the day of installation?

Please visit our Net1 Wireless installation page, by clicking here.