Net1 Schedule of Charges and Fees

1.      Administration charge for payment of monthly service fees by credit card or via paypal is 4% of the appropriate fee.

2.      Administration charge for payment of annual service fee by cash is 1.5% of the appropriate fee.

3.      Administration charge for late payment £22.50 (as in clause 3.5)

4.      Administration charge for failure to pay £22.50 (as in clause 3.8.1)

5.      Administration charge for further failure to pay £17.50 (as in clause 3.8.3)

6.      Monthly compound interest on overdue accounts is 1.5% per month (as in clause 3.5)

7.      Re-connection fee following continued payment failures £30.25 (inc. VAT)

8.      Refunds required due to customer negligence or over payments (failing to cancel your standing order when requested)  10% handling charge with a £25 minimum charge.

9. Administration charge for retrieval of contracts or other documents from secure vault is £30